Thursday, August 30, 2012


The Essence of Sunlight
hand decorated papers on painted canvas

Mary McCarl is the featured artist on Rocky Neck Gallery's big wall.  This wall space is set up to allow the gallery's artists the opportunity to show larger work.  The wall has been a tremendous success and brings new work into the gallery every two weeks.  For this exhibit, from Friday, August 31st until Friday, September 14th, Mary is showing her largest painting to date.

The new work measures 36 x 36 inches.  This is a collage on canvas and titled The Essence of Sunlight.  The priced is $400.

Mary discusses her work as follows:  "I was expressing shifting sunlight through half-seen natural forms.  It is my largest work and my first collage on painted canvas. I hand-decorate the papers. They are all very light-weight and many are translucent—tracing paper and Japanese kozo (mulberry) paper, to allow the under-layers to show."

To see this colorful work and more of Mary's delightful paintings please stop in at 53 Rocky Neck Avenue.  We are open every day.

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