Wednesday, September 5, 2012


mixed media: wire, found objects, and sea glass all collected on beach walks.

Our featured artist for this week's Rocky Neck Gallery window is Mary Rhinelander.  Mary constructs, by hand, her one-of-a-kind wire, found objects and seaglass fish.  Each fish is unique and very popular here at Rocky Neck Gallery.  They generally run slightly longer than one foot and range in price from $225 - $500, according to dimension and complexity.  The fish are inspired by Alexander Calder's 1944 work, aptly entitled "Fish"! 

Mary has an MFA in Printmaking from the School of Museum of Fine Arts. This might suggest that she is a printmaker. She is!  However, Mary also paints, cuts, glues, builds, sews, tears, hammers, splatters, and generally mixes up her media pretty thoroughly. Although Mary has only the greatest respect for artists who suffer and live in garrets with no heat, she has lived a relatively comfortable life and LOVES the act of creating and is passionate about color—especially yellow. 

See this Fish on view this Friday, September 7th, until September 14th - and more of Mary’s work here at the gallery - open 7 days a week. 

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