Thursday, September 5, 2013


Rocky Neck Gallery is pleased to announce a music installation by renowned Cape Ann musician Nathan Cohen tonight Thursday, September 5, for the last Nights on the Neck of 2013. 

Many may know Nathan as the orchestra and chamber music director in Rockport Public Schools or as an active performer in a variety of groups and genres in greater Boston and throughout the Northeast or through his band "What Time Is It, Mr Fox?" or through his music installation "Into the Woods," to accompany the work of Cape Ann artist Gabrielle Barzhagi at an open house at the Cape Ann Museum last winter.  His list of accomplishments, performances and many talents goes on and one can find more about Nathan on his website

Tonight at Rocky Neck Gallery, Nathan's sound installation "Into the Woods" will once again be on display. He describes the work:

"There is a sense of repetition, of sameness, in the woods. And yet there exists at the same time a teeming and diverse world. The piece is a union of three separate tracks. The three audio tracks share the same chord structure and rhythmic architecture. Individually, each is simplistic and innocent. While all the tracks share a harmonic structure, each starts on a different chord and at a different tempo. The resulting phase shift is intended to seem like peering through trees in the woods. The harmonic interactions capture in one instant a sense of playfulness and in the next a sense of foreboding."

Please join us for this unique audio treat and memorable event!    

Rocky Neck Gallery is located at 53 Rocky Neck Avenue, Gloucester and the gallery will be open until 9 PM on Thursday, September 5 for Nights on the Neck.  Parking is free.

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