Saturday, June 29, 2013

COLLECTION/REFLECTION Contemporary Art Installation by Mary Rhinelander

Collection/Reflection, a contemporary art installation by Rocky Neck Gallery and Gloucester artist Mary Rhinelander, is happening on next Saturday, July 6th from 11 AM - 3 PM.  Be sure to see this fascinating installation at the White Ellery House, in Gloucester, MA, an event sponsored by the Cape Ann Museum.

From the Cape Ann Museum events page:

The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to present Collection/Reflection by Mary Rhinelander, a contemporary art installation at the White-Ellery House. This program is free and open to the public as part of Escapes North's 17th Century Saturdays. 

The installation will focus on an assortment of items Rhinelander has collected throughout her life. Bottle caps, Mussel shells, Aprons, Sea glass and Mirrors, among other things, will be carefully arranged.

The White-Ellery House was built in 1710 and is one of just a handful of First Period (c.1620-1725) houses in Eastern Massachusetts that survives to this day.  It is a 2 ½ story "saltbox" structure with a massive central chimney that once serviced six fireplaces. Unlike other structures as old as this, the White-Ellery House has had very few interior alterations over the years. Stepping inside today, visitors enter much the same house they would have 300 years ago.

The house was built for the Reverend John White (1677-1760), brother-in-law of Cotton Mather, former Chaplain at Fort Saco, author of New England's Lamentations (1734) and Gloucester's first settled minister. It is on the National Register of Historic Sites because of its unique construction and important interior features.

Mary Rhinelander has an MFA in Printmaking from the Museum of Fine Arts. This might suggest that she is a printmaker. She is. However, Mary also paints, cuts, glues, builds, sews, tears, hammers, splatters, and generally mixes up her media pretty thoroughly. Although Mary has only the greatest respect for artists who suffer and live in garrets with no heat, she has lived a relatively comfortable life and LOVES the act of creating and is passionate about color. Especially yellow.

Don't miss this eclectic show from one of Gloucester's multi-talented artist in a uniquely historic setting!

Special thanks to the Cape Ann Museum and Mary Rhinelander

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