Monday, June 11, 2012


Here is a preview of the gallery's new look!  Special thanks to Kate Somers and her hanging team for showing off the original artworks in the best light.  

Pottery by RNG artists Cynthia Curtis, Jayne Lacey, Susan Hershey & Ruth Worrall.
Paintings by Dina Gomery & Phyllis Feld 

Summer Artist Series show - oil paintings by Elizabeth Gauthier

Collage paintings by Marci Davis.
Pottery by RNG artists Cynthia Curtis, Susan Hershey, Jayne Lacey & Ruth Worrall

Paintings by Mary Healy
Pottery by Jayne Lacey & Ruth Worrall

Photography by Tom Robinson-Cox

Paintings by Susan Daly

We also have original and beautiful hand crafted jewelry which will be featured in a separate post shortly.  Please join us this Saturday, June 16th for an artists' reception from 6-8 pm.  Meet the artists who make this a very unique art gallery on Rocky Neck.

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