Monday, October 3, 2011


What better way to end the summer than feel like you are sailing the sparkling waters of Cape Ann, watching the wind fill your crisp white sails against a brilliant blue sky.  Such a sensation as this is captured by local artist Kate Somers in her new show Sailing Surreal at the Rocky Neck Gallery.

This exhibit of mixed media paintings opened last Wednesday, Sept. 28, and runs until Friday, Oct. 14th.  This is the last juried exhibit of the Summer Artist Series that Rocky Neck Gallery featured showcasing two week runs of work from local and national artists.


A native of Cape Ann, Somers appreciates the way the light changes from minute to minute and season to season. “A November morning with lavender light on a glassy sea can easily turn into a torrid storm in only minutes. As an “En Plein Air painter” I’ve retrieved my easel and pallet out of several marshes.” Currently Kate is doing most of her painting from photographs in her studio.

Somers works in her studio Random Arts in Magnolia.  This she opened in 2005 as a gallery and studio for her and other artists to work.  The gallery is home to five other artists and offers a wide selection of artwork, including watercolor paintings, hand-painted silk scarves, quilts, stained glass and photography.  Since she purchased the gallery and became immersed in art each day, Somers has noticed a difference in her painting - she now gets awards and there is strong demand for her work.

For inspiration Kate wanders the coastline with her camera and her brother takes her along for a boat ride now and then. “From there I can get images I could never see from land. Once in the studio these images become the bones of my watercolors, where often the white of a lighthouse or the sails of a schooner are the pink and orange of sunset.”

Saturday night an artist reception was held form 5 - 8.  A lively crowd gathered to see Kate's show, hear her talk and celebrate the last gallery party of the season.  Don't miss this colorful exhibit of stunning mixed media capturing that day of going for a summer sail.  The gallery is open seven days a week until October 14th.  

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