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Come down to Rocky Neck Gallery this Thursday evening, August 4th, and hear the rocking sounds of  indie/folk band Fax Holiday as they will be playing from 6 - 8 pm adding sweet harmony to another festive Nights on the Neck  The talented artists of this group are: Eric Schermerhorn, Ian Macleod, Elizabeth Bollenberg & Dana Diplacido. 

From the "must read" site Shh, Listen by Jon Martin posted on June 21st, 2011 - here is what he has to say about Fax Holiday and their new album Rope & Wine.

"Fax Holiday is the recording/performing name of Eric Schermerhorn (formerly of Mutt and Margin Walker), and it is also the name of a Boston-based indie/folk band containing Schermerhorn (vocals, guitars, autoharp), Ian Macleod (bass, vocals), Elizabeth Bollenberg (violin, harp), and Dana Diplacido (percussion)." 

"Their new album – Rope & Wine – is a solid musical effort – combining indie-rock numbers like “Dropping Out” with more introspective, folk-inspired tunes like “Salt.”  Regardless of presentation, each song feels as if it is rooted in something that is deeply personal – coming to the listener as if from a diary entry.  It’s a combination that comes up a lot in these parts (you might be familiar with a similar formula as seen in the work of Galaxie 500), and produces an amazingly vibrant emotional tapestry. Also, it rocks.  Did I mention that it rocks?"

Check out the band's website and for contacting the group:

Nights on the Neck this Thursday, August 4th, has many other events happening to appeal to all ages, interests and dancing feet.  Check out the lineup at NOTN and find demos, music, food, art and friends on the Neck.  See you there!

And special Thanks to Jon Martin!

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