Sunday, July 3, 2011


The artist Linda Cordner

There is still time to see this stunning show of encaustic paintings by Boston artist Linda Cordner.  Her show Luminous Landscape, the second one in the Rocky Neck Gallery Summer Artist Series, is still on display until Tuesday, July 5th.  The gallery is open this Monday from 11 am - 6 pm.   

What is encaustic? 
From her website, Linda  provides this explanation:

The word Encaustic, from ancient Greek, means “to heat” and that is the basis for encaustic painting.  Wax, primarily bees wax, with or without added pigment and mixed with a small amount of damar resin, is heated to a liquid state and applied to a ground with brushes.

Painting is done quickly, as the wax starts to harden as soon as it is separated from its heat source.   Each painted layer must be fused to the next to create a solid piece that becomes the encaustic painting.   It is one of the most durable painting mediums since wax is impervious to moisture and over time will retain its original colors.

"I am very drawn to wax and its tactile qualities, the smell and viscosity of the medium are very different from other painting techniques.  Creating organic forms is a natural extension of wax’s origin.  Coming from a background in graphic design, I am drawn to certain color schemes and shapes, the repetition and placement being important to the composition.  My paintings are made by layering multiple coats of wax which can completely obscure the under layers at times.  I then scrape away areas of the wax to expose the compositions below."

Linda is represented by two New England galleries.  You can see more of her work at the Jules Place Gallery in Boston, MA and the Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth, NH.  She is also a partner in the new, very hip store/gallery Pop Gallery on 67 Main Street in Gloucester, MA. 

24 x 24

These photos were taken of the still current exhibit during the artist reception held on Saturday evening June 25th by photographer/artist Judy Robinson-Cox. 

The next show scheduled in the Summer Artist Series is titled Simple Looking, Looking Simple oil paintings by artist Claudia Kaufman. This new show opens July 6th and runs two weeks until July 19th.

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