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 This blog THE CREW posted on Sunday had some was a Google glitch - images could not be posted.  The other was the author as the ceramic artist Cynthia Curtis was left out.  We invite you back to see the stunning photographs taken by four of the gallery's photographers.

Arabesque by Tom Robinson-Cox

The gallery is excited to see so many talented artists returning for the 2011 season.  To date we have 17 artists committed.  In the coming weeks we plan to feature each artist on the blog.  Every media the gallery presents has interesting people each with a story behind their work.  We have lots of talented award-winning individuals creating original works in painting, jewelry, photography, ceramics, mixed media, sculpture and printmaking. 

Impromtu 16 by Judy Robinson-Cox
The painters, covering oils, acrylics and watercolors are: Susan Daly, Mary Rhinelander McCarl, Mary Healy, Kate Somers, Frederick Jillson and Martha Wakefield.  In collage and mixed media we have Judy Robinson Cox and Robin Colodzin.  Mary Rhinelander specializes in printmaking.  (Note: The list to the right on this blog Gallery Artists has links to their websites where you can view more of their work.)
Our photographers are: Michael Oleksiw, Vicki DiezCanseco, Michael Seif, Tom Robinson-Cox, Richard Seeley, Judy Robinson-Cox and Robert Viau. 

Nebula by Michael Seif

In jewelry see inspiring works in precious metals, glass, beads and semi-precious gems by artists Rachel Lauren Somers, Judith Bly, Mary Healy & Mary Rhinelander McCarl.

Creating works in ceramics are Susan Hershey, Jayne Lacey and Cynthia Curtis.  And sculptor is Robert Viau.  More artists will be added to our list as the season develops.  And the gallery has a few spaces left for new talent creating original artwork waiting for the art loving public the gallery attracts.
Marsh in the Morning by Richard Seeley

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